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Reviewing the latest  faith deconstruction books is one of my favorite things to do because I know how helpful books were when I first started deconstructing my faith!

To help you decide which faith deconstruction books are worth reading and which ones are better left on the shelf, I’m going to share the highs and lows, new insights I picked up, and a few of my favorite quotes. 

PLUS-Each book I review will be added to this page so you can easily find new resources.

Do you have a faith deconstruction book I should review?

Submit it here, and I’ll take a look! 

Best Books On Deconstructing Your Faith

Best Books On Deconstructing Your Faith

Reading books on a wide variety of topics is a key aspect of deconstructing your faith. I know it has been for me! Over the years, I’ve given and received many recommendations in this genre. Since I’m often asked for these resources, I decided to compile what I hope will be an evolving list that we, as a community, continue adding to as we deconstruct toxic religious culture. Let me know in the comments below what you’ll be adding to your TBR pile!

Faith Deconstruction Book Reviews compiled by a faith deconstruction coach written on a background of a close up picture of a few stacks of books.
Faith Deconstruction Book Reviews written on a background of book shelves full of books.
Faith Deconstruction Book Reviews written on a background of a woman carrying a stack of books.
Helping you break free from toxic religion by deconstructing your faith!

I would be honored to be your faith deconstruction coach as you uncover what’s holding you back and create a plan to break free! 
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