Reading books on a wide variety of topics is a key aspect of deconstructing your faith. I know it has been for me! Over the years, I’ve both given and received many recommendations in this genre. Since I’m often asked for these resources, I decided to compile what I hope will be an evolving list that we, as a community, continue adding to as we deconstruct toxic religious culture.

I’ve BOLDED the ones I’ve personally read and recommend. The rest have been recommended to me, but I haven’t read the entire book yet (I’ll update this list as I read!). Each book title is hyperlinked using my Amazon referral link but I encourage you to check your local bookstores for these too! If you give them the title and author they can usually order a copy for you!

Here are the best books on deconstructing your faith:

Books recommended during the 2021 Deconstructing Your Faith Summit

deconstructing faith

Deconstruction Stories


Nationalism in the Church

Recovering from Trauma and #ChurchHurt


Gender Bias


Empowering Women

Building Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency

Exploring a More Expansive Faith

Toxic Religion

Bible Translations and Commentaries

What would you add to this best books on deconstructing your faith list?
Let me know in The Faith Deconstruction Café, my free community where we’re deconstructing toxic religion together.

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