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You’re here because you have a calling that keeps you up at night.

You’ve got a big calling and those come with big doubts and big obstacles. You might even be struggling to sort it all out, but the first thing you should know is that you’re not alone. I totally understand what it’s like to live in the the tension between where you are and where God is calling you to be, because I’ve been there too. But it’s not just me. 

Every God-given calling comes with a transitional phase where we wrap our minds and our lives around this dream God is presenting us with.

There’s good news. First, this transitional season where you’re doing a ton of heavy lifting, isn’t going to last forever. Second, none of us were created to do this alone. God created us to live, worship, and fulfill our callings in community. 

That’s why I’ve spent the last 8 years helping women find freedom and fulfillment in their God-given calling.

It started by teaching women that we are never too broken to be loved by God. Then it grew into teaching women about living BOLDly through their faith. Today, I love teaching women how to weave together faith, family and business without burning out.

I wake up everyday serving God, growing our business, and investing in our family and that’s the same dream God has for you.

It’s time to bring your faith, family, and business together in a way that perfectly suits your spiritual gifts, experience, and God-given calling. No more feeling torn between your day job, family time, and your God given calling. Together, we will unleash your inner leader and create the perfect-for-you life.