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Welcome Friend!
I’m Angela, a Faith Deconstruction Coach who would LOVE to help your audience break free from toxic religion!

Connecting with live audiences is one of my favorite things to do and you have my word that I’m fully committed to encouraging and empowering your audience. Over the last decade I’ve received  rave reviews at women’s ministry events, writer’s conferences, podcasts, summits, and business workshops ranging from an intimate gathering with a handfull of attendees to large conferences several hundred in  attendance.

I’m known for crushing complex topics down to bite sized pieces and sending your audience home with actionable steps. Because I’m a true Gen Xer, I LOVE thinking outside the box, combining things that are seemingly unrelated, and helping women create a unique and vibrant life that perfectly suits their soul.

As an experienced Faith Deconstruction Coach, I can help your audience find the clarity they need to navigate faith and recover from #chuchhurt.

Faith Deconstruction Coach Angela J Herrington

Here are a few topics I’d love to share with your audience:

✔️ Deconstructing without losing yourself.

✔️ Learning to trust yourself more during deconstruction.

✔️ Getting rooted in who you really are.

✔️ Holding space for yourself when your faith community abandons you.

✔️ You are your best deconstruction guide, but you must find yourself first.

✔️ Trusting more, doubt more, feel more.

✔️ If it’s not trauma-informed, it’s not healthy deconstruction.

✔️And many more topics to help your people untangle from toxic religion! 

I look forward to connecting with you very soon!

I’ve gathered a few resources on this page to make scheduling interviews, speaking engagements, and events easier.  If you’re on a tight deadline, be sure to include your phone number, and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.

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angela j herrington faith deconstruction coach as seen on banner #1
angela j herrington faith deconstruction coach as seen on #1

Interviews, Panels, & Workshops with Faith Deconstruction Coach, Angela J Herrington

A Few Testimonials From Interviewers

“Angela is an absolute delight to have on the podcast. Her wisdom is always gently delivered, always person-centered, and always with an edge of humor that we who are healing often need. Angela doesn’t give answers, but rather tools that can help deconstructors navigate towards a form of life and freedom that feels right for them.


Not only is she a great faith deconstruction coach and ally, I can’t wait until the next time I can find an excuse to have her on the podcast!”

Kit Kennedy
Host & Founder of the Unchurchable Podcast

Listen To Angela’s Episode Here

“Angela is a breath of fresh air for those feeling stifled in their faith. She is learned in many faith traditions and has the tools to support and validate her clients’ feelings as they navigate their faith journeys.

We greatly enjoyed our conversation with her and would recommend her to others looking for guidance from someone who understands what they are going through and is able to offer equal parts advice, empathy, and specific techniques for walking the journey of deconstructing faith.” 

Lizz Enns Petters and Esther Joy Goetz
Hosts of the Deconstructing Mamas Podcast

Listen To Angela’s Episode Here

“Angela was a delight to have on our podcast. In addition to her knowledge and expertise, she has a very effective communication style and is easy to converse with!” 

Kevin Pendergrass
Co-Host of The Exploring Faith, Pursuing Grace Podcast

Listen To Angela’s Episode Here

“Loved our time together!” 

Michael Camp
Host of The Spiritual BrewPub

Listen To Angela’s Episode Here

“Angela answered my probing questions about the faith deconstruction process. AND my biggest question… does deconstructing mean I’m giving up faith or walking away from Christianity?

You don’t want to miss this one…This is such a powerful episode! I would encourage you to sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and be enlightened as I was.”

Aldreama Harper
Host & Founder of the Silver and Mature WomanPreneur Podcast

Listen To Angela’s Episode Here

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Angela is a faith deconstruction coach and host of The Deconstructing Faith Summit who helps people break free from toxic religious culture & empowers them to recover from #churchhurt. She has led online ministries for a decade, enjoys working with clients 1:1, in groups, and is a dynamic conference speaker. She’s a Lark’s Song Certified Life Coach who reaches thousands of people in 40+ countries each month on Facebook, IG, Twitter, Pinterest, and her blog.

She’s a firstborn, Enneagram 8, Gen Xer who loves to question everything. She holds a BA from Indiana Wesleyan and a Master in Leadership from Wesley Seminary. Her graduate research project focused on leadership development and opportunities for Gen X women in the US church.

Angela and her unique online ministry are featured in Lyz Lenz’s 2019 book God Land: Story of Faith, Loss, and Renewal in Middle America. She has published articles in Hope for Women and HOPE is Now magazines. She has been featured in The New Republic, Publisher’s Today, and Religion News Service.

Her first book, Deconstruct Your Faith Without Losing Yourself (Eerdmans February, 2024), shares her decade of expereince as a faith deconstruction coach , personal stories, a hefty dose of compassion, and her trademark Gen X humor. 

Angela is a also wife, mom to 5, and a proud resident of Marion, Indiana with her family when they’re not traveling the US in their RV.

Ready to schedule an interview for your publication, podcast, or news outlet? 

Image of Angela's faith deconstruction book Deconstruct Your Faith Without Losing Yourself

I’ve spent the last few years pouring my heart, soul, and wisdom into this book to help you deconstruct your faith and it’s launching on February 20, 2024!

Begin your healing journey with Deconstructing Your Faith without Losing Yourself. Pre-order today and claim some amazing bonuses, including a live book club hosted by me!