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I’ve gathered a few resources on this page to make it easier to schedule interviews, speaking engagements, and events.  If you’re interested in scheduling an interview please complete this form. If you need to get in touch with my team immediately, please submit a request via the contact page found on the top menu.

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Here are a few topics I love to talk about! Other topics available.

God-given callings:

– What is a God-given calling and why it matters.
– How to break free from the “should dos” and embrace what you were created to do.
– Balancing motherhood, marriage, and life outside the box.

Building an online business or ministry:

– How to create an online digital outreach ministry.
– The power of creating a digital outreach ministry through social media.
– How to keep from burning out in ministry when your audience is online 24/7.

Christian Leadership and GenX Women:

– Why women are more appreciated by secular organizations than churches.

– Why decreasing visibility of women in key Christian leadership position as boys and girls age is detrimental to our communities. 
– What the church is missing and how GenX women are the only ones who can deliver it.

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Short Bio: 

Angela J Herrington is founder of Broken Beautiful BOLD online women’s ministry and Life and Leadership Coach for Christians. She teaches women how to recognize, cultivate, and unleash their God given leadership abilityShe holds a BA from Indiana Wesleyan and a Masters in Leadership from Wesley Seminary. Her graduate research project focused on leadership development and opportunities for Gen X women in the US church.

Angela is a Lark’s Song Certified Life Coach who reaches hundreds of thousands of women in 40+ countries each month on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and two blogs.

Angela is a also wife, mom to 6, and proud resident of Marion, Indiana with her family when they’re not traveling the US in their RV.

Long Bio:

Angela J Herrington is a Christian life and leadership coach, founder of Broken Beautiful BOLD online women’s ministry, and owner of ReEngage, a social media and consulting agency that supports Christian businesses and ministries.

She describes herself as a recovering prodigal, Jesus-follower, and a guide who creates sacred spaces for vulnerable exploration. Angela is an egalitarian who believes equally valuing and embracing both the masculine and feminine aspects of our souls is God’s original design. She is a fierce advocate for honest conversations, creating emotional safety, and increasing our self awareness as spiritual practices. She truly believes showing up for people who feel unseen, and saying “I see you and God has always seen you.” is our greatest mission as Christians.

Using a unique blend of life coaching, spiritual direction, and fierce advocacy, Angela empowers women to kick impostor syndrome to the curb so they can boldly pursue their God given calling.  Under her leadership, her company has grown to 6+ figures in revenue, impacted hundreds of clients, and built social media and blogging platforms that reach over 200,000 people in 40+ countries each month. In 2016 she retired her husband from his day job and achieved her long time dream of working side by side with him every day.

Angela is a dynamic speaker who creates enormous value for her audience. She receives rave reviews at women’s ministry events, writer’s conferences, podcasts, summits, and business workshops. She is known for crushing complex topics down to bite sized pieces and sending her audience home with actionable steps to apply their learning. A true Gen Xer, Angela loves thinking outside the box, combining things that are seemingly unrelated, and helping women create a unique and vibrant life that perfectly suits their soul.

Angela is also Lark’s Song Certified Life Coach and is currently Director of Communications for Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy, a women led organization dedicated to engaging, empowering, and equipping women to lead in the church. She holds a BA in Biblical Studies from Indiana Wesleyan and a Master’s in Leadership from Wesley Seminary where her research focused on leadership development, mentoring, and opportunities for GenX Women in the US church.

Over the last 10 years, Angela has been a Boy Scout leader, non-profit director, member of the Board of Directors for Christian Coaches International, served as Vice Chair of the Carey Services Board of Directors, and held multiple positions in her local church, childrens’ schools, and community.

Angela’s short story “The Turkey Trail“ was published in the collection Naturally Yours: Stories About Indiana’s State Parks and Reservoirs. She has also been published in Hope for Women and HOPE is Now magazines.

When not traveling in their RV, Angela, her husband, and six children live in her home state of Indiana.

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