You probably know I LOVE books, but as a busy momma and business owner, uninterrupted time to read is scarce.
That’s why I ADORE podcasts!

I listen to the best faith deconstruction podcasts while driving, cooking, cleaning, working in my garden…you name it. People ask me for podcast recommendations a LOT in the Faith Deconstruction Cafe so I wanted to create this list of alllllll the best faith deconstruction podcasts that I know of.

You’ve probably heard of the bigger podcasts already, so I want to share a gaggle of newer podcasts from people who aren’t household names that are also fantastic. To make it easier to navigate this HUGE list of the best faith deconstruction podcasts, I’ve divided them into three categories based on the number of episodes and whether or not the hosts are household names.

Please don’t limit yourself to the biggest category, because I PROMISE there are gems on this list that only have one season!

There are also a few that are no longer creating new episodes but the existing ones are wonderful, so I’ve included them on the list! If I missed your favorite faith deconstruction podcasts, please message me on FB or IG or drop it in the contact form here.

We will be updating this post monthly with the goal of creating the most comprehensive list of the
best faith deconstruction podcasts.

You might notice that some of these titles or the podcast descriptions don’t mention deconstruction and wonder why they’re on this list! Deconstructing isn’t a term that everyone uses to describe the process of untangling from toxic religion. Some of the podcasts focus on a specific area of deconstruction so their title and description reflect that. Others don’t talk about deconstructing your faith at all but cover topics that focus on topics rooted in the same misogyny and white supremacy that drive toxic religion.

Without further ado…Here’s my list of the very best faith deconstruction podcasts!

The OG’s (100+ episodes &/or Household Names)

These are the podcasters you’ve probably heard of because they’ve been spilling the tea for a while. Many have a massive following, NYT Bestselling books, and have become our go-to voice of reason for all things. We’ve adopted a few of these amazing souls as the older sibling or the straight-shooting auntie/uncle we always wanted.

Evolving Faith (19 episodes from household names)

For The Love with Jen Hatmaker (281 episodes)

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle (67 episodes)

Holypost (Phil Vischer, 492 episodes)

A Tiny Revolution (Kevin Garcia, 162 episodes)

The Deconstructionists (135 episodes)

Activist Theology (91 episodes)

Almost Heretical (127 episodes)

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Faith and Feminism (128 episodes)

The Refined Woman (182 episodes)

Halfway There (278 episodes)

The Habit Podcast (136 episodes)

The Reckless Pursuit (164 episodes)

Flying Free (155 episodes)

Ali Worthington (215 episodes)

The Place We Find Ourselves w/Adam Young (102 episodes)

The Bible for Normal People (191 episodes)

The New Evangelicals with Tim Whitaker

Bare Marriage with Shelia Gregoire (142 episodes)

We Need to Talk Malynda Hale (100 episodes)

Selfie (203 episodes)

Coming Alive (Jennifer Hand, 100 episodes)

CXMH (Christian mental health, 145 episodes)

You Have Permission (143 episodes)

Good Faith Media (multiple series with different episodes)

Nights at the Round Table (105 episodes)

Why Tho (with Tiffany Blum and Ashley Abercrombie, 174 episodes)

In Doubt (135 episodes)

Trailercast with Elyse Snypes (160 episodes)

Why Me Project (100 episodes)

A People’s Theology (101 episodes)

Halfway There (Eric Nevins, 278 episodes)

As Is Podcast

Choose Your Struggle (137 episodes)

Have the Conversation (115 episodes)

Cozy Robots w/Science Mike McHargue (287 episodes)

A Thoughtful Faith (376 episodes)

Seeking Health (211 episodes)

The What If Project (188 episodes)

Familiar Voices (50-99 episodes)

All of the best faith deconstruction podcasts in this group have a solid track record of great episodes–that’s why we’ve included them on our best podcasts for deconstructing your faith list. They’ve been in the trenches helping people untangle from toxic religion for a long time and drop wisdom in each episode! You may even recognize a few speakers from the 2020 Deconstructing Faith Summit!

Dirty Rotten Church Kids (53 episodes)

Post Traumatic Faith with Jill Riley (62 episodes)

Unchurchable (Kit Kennedy, 30 episodes)

Existential Podcast (79 episodes)

Spiritually Untamed (60 episodes)

The Iridescent Podcast (74 episodes)

Everything Happens (96 episodes)

Girls Talking Life (88 episodes)

Potters Inn (97 episodes)

The New Evangelicals (54 episodes)

This Intentional Life (51 episodes)

The Woo Woo Experience (53 episodes)

Restoring the Soul with Michael John Cusick (58 episodes)

The Kate and Colby Show (79 episodes)

A Longer Table with Manda Carpenter (90 episodes)

Reclaiming My Theology (61 episodes)

Deconstruct.pod (87 episodes)

The Life After Podcast (Brady Hardin, 59 episodes)

Deconstructing Yourself (70 episodes)

Snarky Faith (99 episodes)

Where Do We Go From Here Podcast (Devi Abraham, 90 episodes)

Crisis of Faith (68 episodes)

Finding Okay (68 episodes)

Life on Purpose

Up and Comers (<50 episodes)

This group of podcasts is composed of shows that have less than 50 episodes but are jam-packed with interviews and discussions to support you while deconstructing your faith.

Not Only But Also (31 episodes)

Deconstruct (43 episodes)

Holy Heretics (42 episodes)

Also Your Daughters (16 episodes)

Sex Positive Christians (37 episodes)

All Things Reconsidered (33 episodes)

Deconstructing Mamas (coming soon!)

Exestensialhappyhour (28 episodes)

God and My Girlfriends (25 episodes)

Clarity Unleashed by Stacey Wynn (21 episodes)

The Ruby Hour (27 episodes)

A Soulful Rebellion (32 episodes)

Not My Story (49 episodes)

FreedomRoad.US ( 45 episodes)

The Knitted Heart Podcast (Ben Eisner, 22 episodes)

Grace Is Brave. Be Brave. (Chris Kratzer, 22 episodes)

Faithfully Growing Together (15 episodes)

Home to Her: Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine (42 episodes)

Nagging Thoughts (15 episodes)

Evancynical (Pastor Erick, 21 episodes)

Evangelicalish (38 episodes)

Thereafter (35 episodes)

Protagonistas (with Kat Armes, 48

Seekers and Speakers (Jonathan Merritt, 10 episodes)

The Project Hope Podcast (32 episodes)

A Little Bit Culty (29 episodes)

Curiously Strong Pod (10 episodes)

Recovery Room (1 episode)

If I missed your favorite podcast that should be included among the best faith deconstruction podcasts on this list, please message me on FB or IG or drop it in the contact form here.