Have you experienced #ChurchHurt?

Are you frustrated by judgmental church people supporting oppressive systems?

Do you have doubts about the faith tradition you were raised in but are afraid of losing your community? Angela J. Herrington has been there. And with over a decade of experience as a faith deconstruction coach, she can teach you how to begin healing religious trauma through deconstruction.

Lively and empathetic, Angela will gently guide you through deconstructing your faith. This concise and actionable handbook will

Deconstructing your long-held beliefs can be isolating and overwhelming. But you don’t have to do it alone. Begin your healing journey with Deconstructing Your Faith without Losing Yourself.

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Praise for Deconstructing Your Faith without Losing Yourself

“Faith deconstruction coach Angela J. Herrington delivers a reassuring, practical guide for people who are questioning their commitments to Christianity or who are looking to trade ‘toxic, man-made religion’ for something healthier. . . . Deconstructing Your Faith without Losing Yourself is an empathetic, realistic self-help companion for those on painful but necessary spiritual quests.”

Rebecca Foster, Foreword Reviews

“To deconstruct is to nurture networks of new language through relationships that heal and call us into being. This book creates conditions for other possible worlds that always contain multitudes. May our faith no longer be toxic to ourselves and our community, but may our faith be a practice and orientation that guides us to plant seeds for other worlds to emerge, so that we can make meaning in ways that call forth the divine in everything. If you’re struggling to find yourself in the swirl of deconstructing your faith, I hope this book calls you back to relationship with yourself and with others and inspires you to think beyond the dogma of toxic religion.”

Roberto Che Espinoza, author of Body Becoming: A Path to Our Liberation

“When I started my deconstruction process more than twenty years ago, I felt completely alone. No one was talking about this stuff, and raising a question got you dirty looks or worse! What I would have given for a guide like this one! Angela Herrington has written a comforting and beautiful balm for the soul. For all who are wrestling, wondering, and wandering in what feels like the barren wasteland of deconstruction, this is the companion for you. This faith deconstruction guide will comfort your fears, welcome your questions, and let you know you are not alone.”
Shannon T. L. Kearns, author of In the Margins: A Transgender Man’s Journey with Scripture

“Angela Herrington has tackled a triggering topic in a beautiful and compassionate way. Her approach empowers the reader to explore faith deconstruction at their own pace without shame, fear, or judgment and with no agenda other than authenticity.”
Tiffany Yecke Brooks, author of Gaslighted by God: Reconstructing a Disillusioned Faith

“Deconstruction is a lonely journey. Sometimes people are on the journey for years before they even know what’s happening to them. In Deconstructing Your Faith without Losing Yourself, Angela Herrington reminds us that we are not alone on this journey. And she equips us with the essential tools to navigate the nuances of this life-changing shift in our worldview.”
Kristian Smith, author of Breaking All the Rules: An Ancient Framework for Modern Faith

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