This newly published book by Dr. Roberto Che Espinoza, a TransQueer Activist, Latinx Scholar, and Politicized Theologian is one I’m super excited to share with you today. I first saw Dr. Espinoza on social media and quickly realized I was going to learn a TON by following.

 So this book excited me before I even received my copy. Dr. Roberto focuses on stepping into a relationship with your body when your body resides outside the “ideals” promoted by oppressive systems. As a non-binary Transgender Latinx who is trained as a constructive philosophical theologian, Dr. Espinoza shares vulnerable stories of wrestling with gender binaries, bodies, and spirituality.

Body Becoming: A Path to Our Liberation  introduces readers  to “a way of understanding the body beyond constructions—political or medical-industrial-complex defined—toward cultivating the body as important in our endeavors to build a more inclusive vision for democracy.”

In addition to those stories, they share easy-to-follow practices and reflective questions readers can use to become deeply embodied and grounded in themselves. Dr. Roberto’s honesty is beautiful and their insight will shake up the way you look at embodiment.

Here are a few quotes that will give you a sneak peak of what to expect from this book: 





courtesy of Dr. Espinoza





courtesy of Dr. Espinoza





courtesy of Dr. Espinoza

If you sit with this book with an open mind and heart, I think you’ll agree that Dr. Roberto Che Espinoza’s story challenged so much of the patriarchal, white supremacist Christian hierarchy.

Their perspectives on justice, liberation, and how our bodies carry the trauma we experience should shake you up and encourage you to lean even further into the deconstruction and decolonization of your faith. 

I HIGHLY recommend grabbing your copy of Body Becoming: A Path to Our Liberation at your local bookstore or ordering it online here

You can also find Dr. Espinoza at the Activist Theology Project, a collaborative project that she founded to incubate sustainable change in innovative ways using advocacy, art, somatics, and story-telling.