Dear Sister,

The world is really noisy right now, isn’t it? There area a lot of voices SHOUTING to be heard. I wonder which voice holds the most power over your daily life.

A lot of women find that the voice with the most power is not actually their own. 

It might be a parent or a spouse that comes to mind first. It might be an internal critic, or maybe past trauma that speaks up loudest when you make a mistake. These voices are deeply embedded that we sometimes think they’re always right.

When constantly faced with negative thoughts and words we tend to be much more critical of ourselves.

We get frustrated by our emotions and our circumstances, and it starts an ugly spiral of feeling bad and not trusting ourselves (or anyone else).

In the midst of everyday pain and chaos, it’s easy to lose touch with the things that are solid and true in your life but please remember that God NEVER loses sight of you.

So, no matter what circumstances or events fill your life this week, I wanted to remind you of some truths straight from God’s lips to your ears:

-Your cause is just. No matter how the upcoming election turns out, our world is better because you are fighting for all of us to be treated fairly.

God doesn’t wish you were a boy. God’s daughters are as cherished and respected as God’s sons. There is no separation. No curse. No mistake that can change your role as a beloved child.

-You are utterly, beautifully unique. No one has ever been like you before, and no one will be again. Your purpose and place in this world are YOURS.

-God never changes. He doesn’t break promises or manipulate you like people sometimes do. He is worth your trust and adoration.

-You have value just because you exist. Your worth is not tied to what you achieve, what your roles are, or what you do. You are worthy and valuable just as you are.

-You deserve rest, care, and support. Had a good day? You deserve rest. Had a bad day? You deserve rest. Your needs matter because YOU matter.

-God is in 100% control of the situations in your life, in the lives of your loved ones, and in the world. You can let your guard down and rest in His presence. He is always looking out for you.

-God loves you. I mean, really LOVES you! You are His precious, priceless daughter and deserve to be surrounded by people who treat you with respect (even if they don’t like you today).

I pray that these truths would be embedded in your soul this week, and would serve as a reminder of who you are and who God is, even when life is chaotic.