Are you new to faith deconstruction? I’ve been there and know it can be overwhelming. If you’re just getting started, this is the perfect place to begin.

I’ve created this list of 9 free resources to help you get started. It contains, workshops, articles, a virtual deconstruction community, poetry, books, and even a playlist to support your faith deconstruction journey.

  1. The Faith Deconstruction Cafe
    I began this free online community because deconstructing is hard and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. I know safe and supportive Christian spaces can be really hard to find, so I created one and I’d love to welcome you into it. Right now, exactly as you are! The Faith Deconstruction Cafe supports Jesus-loving women and non-binary people who are disconnecting from the gender bias, racism, patriarchy, or other hallmarks of toxic religious culture!

  2. Is Deconstruction Right For You?
    A mini-course that answers 5 of the biggest questions many people ask me over and over again! It is perfect if you’re:
    ✓ tired of legalism, false doctrines, and exclusionary policies.
    ✓ discouraged by what you see from Christian leaders.
     ✓ trying to recover from #churchhurt.
     ✓ not even sure you want to be Christian anymore.
    In less than an hour, you can gain clarity on what deconstruction is, what it isn’t, and how it can help you break free from toxic religion.

  3. 7 Ways To Deconstruct Your Faith Without Overwhelm workshop
    This on-demand workshop is the perfect tool to help you break free from legalism, nationalism, and patriarchy! You’ll get a downloadable workbook, training videos, and easy to follow activities to help you:
    ✓ root out the false teachings that are impacting you daily.
    ✓ discover the truth about you and your faith.
     ✓ reclaim your power and choose how you want to move forward.

  4. 30 Signs Your Church is Immersed in Toxic Religion
    Not sure if your church is a safe community in which to deconstruct? This article will help you identify red flags that could mean it’s time to start looking for a healthier space to explore your faith. I’ve even created a printable version you can use as a checklist to sort out how many warning signs you see in your church.

  5.  31 Questions to Explore Before Deconstructing Your Faith in 2022
    This activity that will help you reflect on your faith deconstruction journey over the last 12 months! I’ve crafted 31 open-ended faith deconstruction questions to ask yourself as you head into the new year. Don’t panic! These are the best kind of questions because there are no wrong answers and it’s not a graded test. Even if the questions don’t specifically mention faith deconstruction, I wrote every single question to support you in knowing how to deconstruct your faith in 2022.

  6. 6 Steps for Recovering from Blame and Shame Associated with Trauma
    An article to equip you for trauma recovery–because let’s face it–there’s a lot of trauma recovery in faith deconstruction. The hardest part about recovering from trauma is getting past blame and shame because even when things aren’t or weren’t our fault, we always have some level of doubt.

  7. Best Books on Deconstructing Your Faith
    There are HUNDREDS of books that will help you sort out fact from fiction while you’re deconstructing, but it can be overwhelming when you’re just starting to deconstruct your faith. SO I created a giant list of books, sorted them by topic, and even included a link where you can read reviews, summaries, and order your copy.

  8. Wild Sacred Holy Anthems For Faith Deconstruction
    A free Spotify playlist that introduces you to some of my favorite encouraging, strength-giving songs. It’s a mix of all kinds of music and by design, doesn’t contain traditional hymns or worship songs. I curated this list to help you sing and move your way through faith deconstruction
  9. But That Hurts Too: A Poem For The Weary Soul”
    Poem and downloadable audio. Poetry takes ordinary words and weaves them together with story and feeling in a way that has always spoken to my soul, even when I was little and didn’t even know what a soul was. I find that the simplest phrases or incomplete sentences can be transformed into powerful expressions of our deepest emotions. Poetry is a particularly powerful ally when trying to understand some things as enormously complex as our Creator. This poem speaks to the heartache and heaviness that surrounds us this season. I pray that this poem will comfort your weary heart as only sacred medicine can.

I hope you’ll take me up on my invitation to join the Faith Deconstruction Cafe, my Facebook community that holds space for each of us to explore faith, just as we are. It’s 100% free and there’s zero pressure to convert to a specific belief system. The cafe is all about exploring faith deconstruction in a supportive, inclusive environment. Can’t wait to meet you there!