Welcome to another exciting stop on my faith deconstruction podcast tour!

This week’s featured episode is from the Queer Theology Podcast where Father Shay and I engaged in a candid conversation about faith, spirituality, and the journey of deconstruction.

We hit the highlights of faith deconstruction and took a deep dive into my new book, “Deconstructing Your Faith Without Losing Yourself.” We chat about my personal journey of faith, my understanding of deconstruction, and the importance of embracing uncertainty along the way. 

Father Shay is a dear friend and personal spiritual advisor. As usual, our time together flew by!

It was a lovely conversation and I am thrilled to share this deconstructing faith podcast with you…But first…


A Little Background on The Queer Theology Podcast

Queer Theology is the longest-running podcast for and by LGBTQ Christians and other queer people of faith and spiritual seekers. Hosted by Fr. Shannon TL Kearns, a transgender Christian priest, and Brian G. Murphy, a bisexual polyamorous Jew. the podcast is now in its 10th year.

Queer Theology Podcast is a deconstructing faith podcast that shares deep insights and practical tools for building a thriving spiritual life on your own terms. 

Each episode delves into thought-provoking discussions, challenging traditional interpretations of scripture and theology while celebrating the richness and diversity of queer spirituality. With a commitment to social justice and liberation theology, the hosts help listeners embrace their authentic selves and navigate their spiritual journeys with courage and resilience.

Whether you’re questioning your faith, seeking affirmation, or simply curious about the intersection of queerness and spirituality, this podcast offers a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who dare to explore the depths of their beliefs!

Explore their archives for a queer perspective on hundreds of Bible passages as well as dozens of interviews with respected LGBTQ leaders like Amy-Jill Levine, Namoli Brennet, Joy Ladin, Emmy Kegler, Trey Pearson, Dr. Pamela Lightsey (and a few cis, straight folks too).


They also have a FABULOUS series on Matthew, Mark, and Galatians, as well as topics like Sunday School Sex Ed, Scary Things You Might Have Been Taught In Church, and so much more!

What We Talked About on This Faith Deconstruction Podcast Episode

Fr. Shay talks with Angela J Herrington and discusses my new book, “Deconstructing Your Faith Without Losing Yourself.” Angela shares her personal journey of faith and the experiences that led her to write the book. I described the definition of faith deconstruction as the process of examining and questioning beliefs to determine what is worth keeping.

We also challenged common misconceptions about deconstruction and why it has become a popular topic of discussion. We touch on the importance of slowing down, embracing uncertainty, and finding joy in the deconstruction process. 

Father Shay’s Top Takeaways From Our Deconstructing Faith Podcast Conversation:

  • Deconstruction is the process of examining and questioning beliefs to determine what is worth keeping.
  • Common misconceptions about deconstruction include viewing it as lazy or the easy way out.
  • Slowing down, embracing uncertainty, and finding joy in the deconstruction process are important for personal growth.
  • Angela’s book, ‘Deconstructing Your Faith Without Losing Yourself,’ offers a practice-based approach to deconstruction and aims to support individuals in their journey.
  • Deconstruction conversations have gained momentum due to the church’s failure to address issues of injustice and the rise of online platforms.
  • It is important to prioritize mental health and seek therapy or coaching support during the deconstruction process.
  • The book is for individuals who are questioning their beliefs, struggling with self-doubt, or feeling stuck in their deconstruction journey.
  • Angela’s website, angelajherrington.com, provides additional resources and information about her work.

Key Moments in my Queer Theology Deconstructing Faith Podcast Episode:

(2:54) The Journey of Faith and Church Experiences

(08:48) Questions and Doubts in the Church

(13:22) Understanding Deconstruction

(17:46) The Rise of Deconstruction Conversations

(20:32) Writing the Book and Its Purpose

(27:01) Embracing Uncertainty and Slowing Down

(35:07) The Book’s Audience and Impact

(37:38) Where to Find More Information

You can read a full transcript of the faith deconstruction podcast interview on the Queer Theology website and join their support group, The Sanctuary Collective Community.

Stay tuned for more thought-provoking discussions on faith, deconstruction, and recovering from religious trauma in my deconstructing faith podcast series!