Welcome to another exciting stop on my faith deconstruction podcast tour!

This week’s featured episode is my chat with Rachel BernsteinLMFT, host of the IndoctriNATION podcast! We had such a rich and encouraging conversation that I am thrilled to share this deconstructing faith podcast with you…But first…


A Little Background on IndoctriNation…

IndoctriNation is a weekly podcast covering cults, manipulators, and protecting yourself from systems of control. Each week Rachel Bernstein LMFT, MSEd sits down with former cult members, intervention experts, and people who have left narcissistic and controlling relationships of all kinds to hear their stories and discuss their past experiences.

While it does not solely focus on deconstructing from Christianity, it will certainly resonate with those looking for a new deconstructing faith podcast to listen to! 

Rachel’s extensive expereince helping people recover from cults and high control environments allows her to bring wisdom and 🔥🔥🔥to this deconstructing faith podcast episode!

What We Talked About on This Faith Deconstruction Podcast Episode…

We also discussed how my faith deconstruction coaching clients rebuild their lives post-deconstruction in the healthiest and most beneficial ways possible.  Rachel also expands on my thoughts on rebuilding your sense of self after deconstruction and offers tips on safely “reconstructing” on your own terms.

Throughout our conversation, I reflect on the transformative power of deconstruction, illuminating the profound shifts in perspective and identity that accompany the process. My client’s expereinces reflect the resilience of the human spirit and the capacity for growth and renewal in the face of profound change.

The Big Takeaways From This Deconstructing Faith Podcast Episode…

In this nuanced and important conversation, we talked about my process of deconstruction and outlines some of the ways in which I help others break free from toxic religion through faith deconstruction.

I share some of the highs and lows of my quest to unravel the toxic threads woven throughout my belief system while offering tips to help you navigate your journey! 

You can read more about IndoctriNATION on Rachel’s website.

Stay tuned for more thought-provoking discussions on faith, deconstruction, and recovering from religious trauma in my deconstructing faith podcast series!

Do you host a deconstructing faith podcast and would love to chat? Reach out and let’s make it happen!