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Did you hear? Last week I celebrated one year of sharing daily encouragement, prayers, and inspiration with you on Facebook. 

Then yesterday, our team welcomed our 24,000th Facebook friend. Can you believe that? What started as a calling to reach a few people with God’s Word has bloomed into a community that reaches nearly 200,000 people per month in 50 countries.

God’s vision for this ministry was obviously waaaaaay bigger than mine!

So many of you have courageously shared that God is calling you to build something beautiful, but you don’t know where to start. You ask me how to grow your social media following like I do. You ask how to start a blog, gather a team, and put on POWERFUL live events that change lives.

There’s a lot that goes into it (WAY to much for an email!) but here are my top three tips for building your dream business or ministry.


1) Pay attention to your calling, and quit trying to grab onto the things that aren’t for you!
You can’t do it all and God isn’t going to ask you to. Spend some extra time in prayer getting REALLY clear on what He’s calling you to do. Don’t confuse this with trying to see the entire picture before you start. Have faith that it will work out and don’t get distracted by every shiny object that catches your eye!
2) Don’t get stuck worrying if you’re the right person!
If God is calling you to this, you ARE the right person! Even if you don’t know the why, how, or where of your ministry, START IT! Most groundbreaking leaders are willing to move forward without having all of the details on paper. You have a secret weapon! God is in front of you blazing a new trail and the best way to find out where it leads is to GO!
3) Surround yourself with courageous women who are also answering their call!
There are going to be hard days, but having the right people around you will help you stay focused on the dream. Never be the most courageous person you know! Don’t get stuck thinking you’re further out on the limb than anyone else. Get out of your social circle and into new ones. Go to conferences, workshops, online courses and find mastermind groups.

Courage is contagious. Find some. Soak it in.

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See you in the group!!!
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