As an online business owner, we all know that a free opt-in can be a good way to grow your email list, but are you giving away too much for free? I often see newer business owners giving away an e-book or download that could probably be turned into and marketed as a full course!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself whether that free opt-in you created should actually be a course:

Who is your audience, and do you already have an email list?

Do you already have a pretty good grasp on who your audience is and think they would be interested in and benefit from what you created? Do you already have an email list? Even if your list is small, if you’re pretty confident in who your audience is it might be a good idea to create a course, then a separate, less detailed opt-in to get them interested!

How in-depth is your opt-in?

Is your free ebook a small one page overview of what you’re offering, or is it a multi-page, in-depth tutorial that would give someone everything they need to know about your subject? If it’s on the longer side, it might be time to turn it into a full blown course and market it to your audience.

Can someone implement the steps in your opt-in and start making money right away?

If someone can download your opt-in, learn everything you want them to know for free, and start making money from what they’ve learned, then it’s time to turn your opt-in into a course! From that course, you can always create a less detailed e-book or video series to get your audience interested in purchasing.

Although it can be tempting to give everything away for free, it’s important to charge what you’re worth, because you are so worth it sister.

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