As a life and leadership coach for Christian women, I have a lot of experience helping women find the fullness of God. But reclaiming Christian womanhood is also a very personal journey for me.

For the last decade I’ve been on my own journey to break free from learned smallness and step into wild sacred holy womanhood. 

Ten years ago I audibly heard God ask me what legacy I was leaving for my children. He reminded me of the old, kinda cheesy “Footprints” poem my grandmother had. God then asked me what trail I was blazing for them. What footprints was I leaving for them to follow. 

It shook me.

I had only been going to church for a few years, but I suddenly was so drawn to God that I dove headfirst into everything Christian. I learned so much about God and myself, but there was this constant nagging at my heart every time being a woman came up in a book, sermon, or meeting.

What the church people were saying in public didn’t match up with what God was telling me in private. While doing the things God told me to do I was dismissed, mansplained, and called satanic and unbiblical.

And it wasn’t just one church that put limits on me.

I learned that an entire system promoted gender bias that was toxic for women. Gender bias wasn’t only present in the church, it was the norm and it was thriving.

My heart broke to see this ungodly view of womanhood so deeply embedded in the church.

I loved God and didn’t want to leave His side, but when I looked at my children I knew I was still passing baggage that hurt me, on to them.

I wasn’t okay with that.

The GenXer in me KNEW there had to be a different way: surely it wasn’t God that made people act this way.

So I challenged everything (as an Enneagram 8 should). I saw the religious culture that preferred to use our power for their own purpose without honoring our God-given equality. And I untangled the God who created men and women to be equal partners from this toxic, patriarchal, religious culture.

It took a lot of years and support to sort it out.



Body work.

Spiritual healing.

Conferences and retreats.

And even a couple college degrees.

But wise women who encouraged me when I struggled made all the difference.

They were hard to find but they became allies and mentors who both challenged and championed me to a freer being.

And I’m here now, with a few more scars and a few more laugh lines on my face. It’s glorious. 

It was worth every single tear.

I want you to get here too. God created you to wake up everyday as your wild sacred holy self.

I’m extending my hand and offering to be the wise old woman who guides you down this twisty path of self discovery.

It’s where God is calling every woman to go.

The Holy Spirit will lead the way.

Jesus will give you rest when you are weary.

I’ll be by your side the entire way.

And when you get to the other side, you’ll remember who God created you to be.

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