On Friday I was on a call with my coach Jenn Scalia, and she made this great statement early on that “indecision is a business killer”. Make a choice whether it’s the right choice or the wrong choice or the best one or the worst one. Make a choice and then go with it because at least then you’re moving forward.

It really caught me off guard. It’s such a simple statement, but it’s so true.

What I’ve noticed as I’ve been taking on new clients and I’ve been having some great experiences with growth and exciting things, is that all of the sudden, the indecision monster is ginormous. Questions about taking on new clients, how to best serve this client, offering discounts, extending sales—those type of questions are taking up more and more time in a schedule that’s already packed pretty tightly.

After a call, I sat and thought about why this statement rocked me.

Indecision is a huge time and energy suck. I was definitely giving it more attention than I should be. How difficult is it to be a powerful business owner and be confident in the decisions that you’re making if you spend so much time questioning the decisions that you’re making? You tend to undermine yourself. You tend to be your own worst enemy and you tend to ask a lot of “what if?” and wonder if it will ruin x-y-z or if it will cause your business to be stagnant, wondering if this or that client is really your ideal client and if you should take them on.

All of those ruts that you get into don’t just take your time—they take your energy.

It’s very hard to be a creative passionate business leader if you don’t trust yourself and you don’t value your own ability to make choices. So I would challenge each of you who find yourself in a place where time and energy are completely tapped out to take three questions that have been on your plate for more than a week and make a decision and don’t look back. Answer yourself along these lines: “Yes, I’m going to go with this right now”, “No, I’m not going to go with this ever”, or “No, I’m not going to go with this right now. I’ll revisit it in six months”.  

Just do it for a couple of days and see what energy you can free up.

Give yourself permission to say “I can handle this”. What you’ll find is that checking off all these little decisions in your life make it so much easier to trust yourself when you have a big decision like branding or chasing after a big client.

No more indecision!

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Angela J Herrington is a passionate coach who co-creates massive momentum with her clients. She loves moving women entrepreneurs from stuck to living their dream! Her ideal client is someone who is willing to embrace their creativity, explore life outside of the traditional box, and blaze their own trail! She helps coaches, authors, and business women break out of their warm market by leveraging the power of social media. She brings a powerful combination of  20+ years of business, marketing, customer service, event promotion, and administration to her coaching and consulting practice. Monthly she reaches 200,000 people in 40+ countries on her social media and blogging platforms.