Creativity is an amazing gift, but it is a gift that can be overwhelming at times.

Artists and authors sometimes put an enormous amount of pressure on themselves to create the perfect project. At times we scrap perfectly good ideas that didn’t feel “right” or keep pushing aside projects that are “just not ready.”

I recently heard a wonderful song that shared how crazy the creative mind can sometimes be. Bethany created a song with wonderful metaphors for the way we get bogged down in our brains with ideas and creative thoughts. She compares it to a store that posts a “please excuse the mess” sign during a major remodel.

Not only is it a pretty song with a sweet melody, but it’s also a perfect description of the muddled stream of constant ideas flowing through my brain.

While listening to Bethany’s song, I imagined giving God a tour of my creative home. It would be like having you over to my house on a busy day. We have a large family and several major projects we are working on. We live a very real life and sometimes things are really a mess. I might have to move a pile of waiting to be matched socks so that you could sit on the couch. You may step on a few toys on the way into the dining room and I can guarantee that there will be dirty dishes in the sink. We really live here and there are always messes being created and cleaned up.

“Please excuse the mess” should probably be my family slogan!

As God walks into my creative mind, I might caution Him against tripping over the stack of unfinished stories in the corner of the living room. I might ask Him to look the other way so He doesn’t see the giant post it notes with lots of scribbled out ideas and misspelled words hanging in my hallway. But at some point, I am sure I would just say “Please excuse my mess”  and offer some feeble excuse about having so many things on my plate right now. I began to wonder if my mess would disappoint Him.

Would God consider my creative (but unfinished) mess a waste of His provisions for my life?

Thinking that I might not be doing enough with what He has generously given me created a swell of sadness. As I imagined that tour, my real self sighed “Please forgive my mess, I promise I will do better.”

To which He immediately answered: “There is no need for Me to forgive your mess, It’s what I created you for.”

Perhaps you’re like me and have a million business ideas, a million projects piled up in your head at any given moment. Maybe this passion spills out into your day to day, leaving dishes piled in the corner or post-it notes on every mirror in the house. If you have a creative mind, know that God made you perfectly just the way you are, and there is no need to apologize for your mess! He accepts all of us, messes and all, and in fact considers them beautiful parts of His creation. And that is something to truly be thankful for.

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