Are you a numbers geek like me? Social media can be BRUTAL for people like us.

Sometimes the numbers just aren’t where you want them to be and it’s easy to become discouraged. Facebook has engagement, reach, clicks, and page size to watch. In blogging, you can go into Google Analytics and see how many people are coming to your blog, and whether they’re staying or they’re leaving. You can even see how many seconds the average person stays on your site! These analytics are powerful tools that help us hone in on what people are responding to, but they can drive you BATTY if you get stuck in them.

The truth that most experts don’t share is these analytics don’t give us the full picture of the health of your online business.

Where is your focus?

It can be easy to become discouraged when we see the numbers dropping or when we don’t see the numbers advancing as quickly as we want. What I want to challenge you to do today is to change the way you measure your progress by looking at the people you’re impacting rather than measuring by the numbers. Rather than saying, “I’m not as far ahead” or “My page isn’t big” or “I’m just not reaching as many people”, focus on the people that you are reaching and shift in how you measure success.

The truth is that you are called by God to impact people, but we don’t always see that impact.

When you look at the Insights panel on Facebook and see that your post was shared 100 times, you don’t always know much about the people who may have seen one of those shares. You don’t how profoundly it impacted someone who didn’t interact with it at all. Sometimes things fly by in our newsfeed and emotionally we are touched. A heart responds, but we still don’t interact with the post.

For every person who is interacting with your post, there is always a chance of 100 others who are not interacting but are still taking it in.


There is a more accurate measure of progress than numbers.

Have you ever noticed how children seem to hear everything we don’t want them to hear? That’s because they hear EVERYTHING but we forget they’re listening until they start regurgitating it. That doesn’t stop when we grow up. There are a lot of people on social media who are listening and they represent that unmeasurable impact.

Instead of looking at the numbers and saying “I didn’t achieve 10% growth and that’s really what I wanted”, start measuring the quality of your progress by whether or not you’re following what God is calling you to do.

If God is calling you to speak these things online or to write blog posts that encourage people, don’t worry so much about the number of people who are reading your words. Instead, focus on whether or not you’re speaking the right words.

Get the right words out there and let God do the rest.

Be as present for an audience of 1 as we would an audience of 100. Offer words of encouragement to people and not be quite so worried about how well it is received.

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