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What It Means To Live With Bold Faith | Angela J Herrington

I get it. You think God is calling you to something, but it’s scary.

It feels too big.
It feels like you are completely out of your league.
It feels like someone else would be better suited for this assignment.
It feels like your past will overwhelm this future He is calling you towards.

But before you give up on that dream, there’s something God really wants you to grab ahold of.

He knows you better than you know yourself because His knowledge of you isn’t clouded by brokenness. Yours is. Mine is. That’s part of being human that we can’t shake. We see everything through the broken lenses of our mistakes, our flaws, our sins. But God doesn’t. He sees the true you as you were created to be.

God created you and He knows your potential better than anyone else, including you. He knows every crack in your armor and trembling cell in your heart, but He is still calling.

The thing God knows (that we often forget) is that His strength covers your weaknesses.

His Spirit overwhelms your trembling soul and sets fire to your heart! God intentionally calls people the world would call the least likely to succeed, because it’s not about what we bring to the table.

Our redemption story is about what God did in us once we turned our attention towards Him.

Suffer with addiction? He’s probably going to call you to recovery to mentor those who still struggle.
Are you the wild-child who turned your back on everything to mask your pain? Be ready to counsel those who are still running.
Been in prison? You’re going to have a big opportunity to tell people about eternal freedom.

Have you ever wondered why the Bible consists of more than just the 10 Commandments? I’m pretty sure a big part of it is that God understands the power of a story. He knows that a big part of our post-Garden of Eden life will be spent struggling with doubts, fears, and feelings of unworthiness.

The Bible is filled with accounts of broken people putting aside their feelings about what is possible and doing crazy, bold things for God.

Can you imagine standing in front of the most powerful leader in the world, when you are wanted for murdering one of his guards, and saying “DUDE….You’re doing this wrong! Let go of all of those people making your life comfortable and no one will get hurt?” Me neither.

How about being imprisoned in an oppressive kingdom and respectfully refusing the food you are being served because it had been sacrificed to other gods? Most of us won’t even tell a waitress that she mixed up our order in a restaurant because we don’t want it to get ‘weird’.

How about a prostitute hiding spies from the army or telling a Queen to risk her life advocating for people sentenced to death?

Astonishingly Moses, Daniel, Rahab, Mordecai did these things, because God told them to.

The Bible is full of people doing seemingly ridiculous things in God’s name. These are the big names, but there are hundreds if not thousands of other people who trusted God more than what their own heads were saying. Each of these people went beyond what their experiences, personality, and training prepared them to do.

The Bible is there to give us strength because, at some point, God calls every single one of us to go where we don’t think we can.

God says courage is not the absence of fear. It is refusing to let go of God when fear gets in your face. So today be bold, be courageous, and do it all in His presence. Take a giant leap into that something He is calling you to. I can’t tell you what will happen, but I can promise it will be MAGNIFICENT because God is in it.

What does living in bold faith mean to you? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to join our group of bold, faith-led women, Christian Women Who Lead!

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