Keep Going--The World Needs You | Angela J Herrington


Are you really bogged down by the administrative tasks it takes to run your online business? You’re not alone. A lot of people are. With thousands of business coaches telling you how to be better at business, it can get pretty overwhelming. I want to give you permission to do three things that I believe will encourage you to keep going.

You Don’t Have to Do Everything

There’s no perfect formula for business. What works really well for me, may work for you. But think about what worked for me when I first started. Don’t think about what worked for people three years down the road from where you are right now because you’re just going to get frustrated and you’re going to burn yourself out. Know that you can put things on your list and not have to do those things today. You absolutely can put some things to the side or save them for six months or a year or so later!

You’re Called for a Purpose

You don’t have to have a million fans and twenty thousand people on your email list for you to answer that calling. There are people who are reading your blog posts and seeing your quote graphics and listening to your podcasts and you may never know how big of an impact you had. When I was first open to coming back to God, it was a radio show that got me, and a commercial on a website. Some of you have heard me tell this story before—the website is If you go there now, it’s amazing—dozens of people telling stories, lots of good things, a life changing experience. When I first went there, there were only two videos, and those videos rocked me. It didn’t have as much going on then as it does now. That’s been ten years and they’re going strong.

What I’m getting at is, if had worried about trying to create a presence as big and as bold as what they have now, they never would have connected with me or other people they connected with back in the day, because they kept it a little more simple. Don’t be afraid to simplify things and recognize that this is a process.

You’re Not Alone

God is calling you to do something, but you’re not the only one doing it. There are other people being called to serve the same people you are.  You may not see them, and that’s okay. It may be five years down the road when God connects you with someone and you realize you’ve been serving the same population or the same need. So don’t feel hopeless or like all the weight is on your shoulders, because you’re not doing this alone. When God calls you to something, He puts people in your way to help you. He puts people in your way who are going to support you and encourage you, and He also puts things in place for way down the road. He goes before us. He doesn’t just go before us to prepare the way to heaven. He goes before us on the roads, on our spiritual walk, to give us the tools that we need to do what it is that we’re called to do.

I hope this is encouraging for you. You’re not alone. You don’t have to do this by yourself. You don’t have to be rockstar stage perfect to get this off the ground. Take some time to sort out where you’re starting from, and spend some time with God and ask Him what’s the most important thing. Is it that I publish a book? Is it that I write on a blog every week? Is it that I go to conferences and meet people face to face? Is it that I do service projects in my local community? What is it that you’re asking me to do first so that I can do bigger, greater things down the road?

If you need more help, I have a few spots in my coaching program, shoot me an email or join my email list. You can also get free help in the BOLD Christian Women In Business and Ministry group. Hope to see you soon!