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I LOVE baseball, especially when my favorite team is still in the hunt this time of year. The goal in baseball is to score more runs than the other team, and you do that by running over top of the home plate without being tagged by the team with the ball. This is called being safe. Every strategy in the coach’s arsenal is geared towards getting more players home safe.

It’s a great way to win a baseball game, but it makes a lousy theology.

Don’t get me wrong. Every person deserves to live in a physically and emotionally safe place. Most of us also agree that no one deserves to live in a spiritually barren place. In the perfect world we would all have access to the basics of life and not have to navigate war zones. No more orphans. No more abuse. No more broken homes. No more mass shootings. No more taking advantage of those who cannot defend themselves.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? I think it sounds perfect, like Eden.

The hard truth is, we don’t live in Eden. We live in a world where living in a war zone isn’t just a metaphor. We live in a world where physical, emotional, and spiritual needs go unmet. People spend their entire lives in unsafe places.

But what about you? How much of the day do you spend feeling safe? There’s nothing wrong with safety, unless it’s the only thing you know. Then it becomes a crutch, an anchor, and an idol.

To live seeking safety means avoiding the war zone. To live seeking safety, means denying God’s call to go after the one who is lost, even if you are squarely planted in the middle of the 99.

Running home isn’t always what we’re meant to do.

The desire to “Play it safe” and run for home plate is a distraction, not the reward of our Christian faith.  Seeking safety creates distance between you and your calling. To be truly obedient, each of us must be willing to go where the Spirit calls (even if it’s into a war zone) because there are real people out there. For some of us it literally means moving to a war zone. For others, it means being vulnerable and sharing our struggles. The key is we can only change our world, if we get in it.

The world is messy, unsafe place, but when the Spirit calls, go anyway. For you were called to be a shepherd, not a baseball player.

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