Wake Up and Kindle A Grateful Heart | Angela J Herrington


How many of you are struggling to find the positive energy and showing up on Facebook for your clients with a positive attitude? I have to tell you that I get stuck here sometimes. I have a couple of great coaches who help me with this.

One of the daily practices that I’ve started in the last few weeks is gratitude journaling. It can at times be difficult to maintain sight of how far you’ve come and all your accomplishments when you’re mired in the muck and overwhelmed with stuff you need to do. So recently I started journaling for the first time and got my family involved. On my shelf, I keep a basket with unused journals, and had my daughter pick one out for my new gratitude journaling habit. She picked out one that was very pretty and compact that I can take camping with me. Then I had my son pick out some brightly colored pens that I enjoy writing with–not just a generic stick pen, but some ultra fine tip Sharpies that are in bright fun colors.

Every morning before I get out of bed—because I notice if I get out of bed first, I don’t do it—I start journaling on two things. On the left side of the journal, I write what I’m grateful for today. On the right side of the page, I write what I’m celebrating today.

Being grateful reminds you of all the good going on in your life, but you don’t always remember to be grateful for yourself. We tend to see the value in other people, and we tend to see other people’s sacrifices more than we see our own. I want to encourage you to do both—to say thank you and show gratitude for the people in your life and all the things like that, but also to celebrate for yourself.

When you write, “I’m celebrating today”, write things that you’re proud of that you’re celebrating for yourself. Maybe you just reached 1000 people on Facebook. That’s a big deal. There are a lot of people who never get there, so celebrate that. Maybe you’re celebrating getting yourself organized or implementing a blogging system that’s going to keep you on track. Celebrate that. Be proud of that. Maybe it’s just that you talked to someone and you brightened their day. That’s another great reason to celebrate. Keep celebrating things that are little. Don’t leave that page blank till you hit 100,000 followers. Don’t leave that page blank till you’ve paid off $50,000 in debt. If you’re working on money goals and you walked through the store yesterday, and saw some stuff you liked and didn’t pick it up–celebrate that. If you said something positive and encouraging to someone, celebrate that. Be grateful for the opportunity. If you stopped and helped someone with a flat tire, be grateful that God gave you that opportunity, and then celebrate the fact that you were paying enough attention to stop and help.

Those are the kind of things that I think are really going to help you. It helps me. Beginning the day with gratitude journaling gives me a reset in the morning to be able to say, “Hey, pay attention to this.” Pay attention to what’s going on and don’t get bogged down by all the stuff that you haven’t achieved yet or all of those goals that are way down the road. Stop in the moment and focus on what’s right here.

We’ve been talking about this over on my Facebook page. I’d love to hear what it is you’re doing that you’re celebrating—so what are you celebrating? I look forward to seeing your posts, emails, and comments in the BOLD Christian Women In Business and Ministry group.