female rock climber climbs on a rocky wall

Grasping at straws is a good thing.

It pushes you out of the safe zone and into an area where anything can happen.
Including failure.

Big. Messy. Crashing and burning failure.

Like, never quite being the same failure.
But there’s more to it that few people recognize.
There’s a rarely mentioned universal truth about failure that needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

 The monster under our bed that should scare us more than failure, is the risk of never grasping at anything.

Sure you’ll be safe from failure if you never try things, but there’s much more at risk here than your safety. You’ll stay safe from the pitfalls that come with blowing past your boundaries, but you’ll never know how empowering a scar can be. You can minimize your vulnerability by closing yourself off, but you’ll miss out on the euphoria of finding that person who makes your heart soar.

You can be safe. Closed off even. Avoiding your calling.

Denying your soul’s need to make connections. Alone. Isolated. Unfulfilled. The sirens calling us to that closed off place, should scare us more than anything else.

Civilizations die out when people refuse to courageously explore, so fight back by sailing off the edge of the Earth.

I don’t know what’s there for you, but that’s kind of the point isn’t it? You might fall, or you might round the horn and realize there’s an entire ocean out there that no one has explored. Around that next corner there may be new people, new perspectives, and new opportunities to love.

Trying to make something happen when it’s highly unlikely isn’t a waste of time. It’s what you were born to do.

God breathed life into you, not safety. He gave you the ability to make choices in all things, even though your choices could cost you everything.

Honor God’s gift of life-giving breath by living life fully.

Open your hand up and start grasping at the unlikely.  Stop clinging to isolation, and grasp at bringing hope to the hopeless situations. Grasp at peace in the middle of a battle zone. Grasp at the impossible and tune into the urgings of the Spirit.  Grasp at the inconceivable and be banged and bruised for a greater purpose.

Grasp at the irreconcilable and let your soul exhale grace, mercy, and truth into the lives of others.

Choose to be courageous. Choose to be vulnerable. Choose passion and life and all of the other things that are risky.

Choose to sail off the map because it’s what you were created to do and don’t forget to send a few postcards back home!


Angela J Herrington is a passionate coach who co-creates massive momentum with her clients. She loves moving women entrepreneurs from stuck to living their dream! Her ideal client is someone who is willing to embrace their creativity, explore life outside of the traditional box, and blaze their own trail! She helps coaches, authors, and business women break out of their warm market by leveraging the power of social media. She brings a powerful combination of  20+ years of business, marketing, customer service, event promotion, and administration to her coaching and consulting practice. Monthly she reaches 200,000 people in 40+ countries on her social media and blogging platforms.