Godly leaders are anointed.

Do you get stuck? Do you pull away from taking a bigger role?

A lot of the the leaders that I work with struggle to take on the title of leader.  You’re probably doing the work anyway, but as women, I think we are cultivated and brought up to believe that leadership is only something that is available to the most skilled and to the most influential. 

During my own journey I discovered that leadership is part of who we were created to be. We are anointed.

Each one of us are anointed with influence in some area in our life, probably more influence than we realize.  Time and time again, when my clients talk to the people in their lives, they are blown away by how much others respect and look up to them, and how much influence they actually have in their community.

For some of us, it may be that we run a company. It may mean you run a ministry, write a blog or lead within your church. For some, it could mean you lead at home, raise children and pour into your spouses and our extended communities in a way that can only be done from the inside.

Each role is a leadership role, and whether or not you take on the title God created you to be a leader. I have come to learn that if we’re unwilling to step into those leadership roles and call ourselves leaders, there are little unresolved pockets of doubt about our identity. We don’t know we are anointed, for one thing.

We must weed out those doubts because hiding from who God created us to be is never something God is going to tell us to do.

If it’s not from God, then it’s going to push us away from Him.

That fear of not being enough and the subsequent desire to hide from God is borne in sin–either our sin or other sins. Perhaps the fallout of generational sin that has landed on our shoulders. Sometimes our doubts are the result of toxic cultural expectations, patriarchy, and the pressure that has been unfairly put upon women to stay quiet, stay in the back, and not make any effort to be seen. 

Part of our own personal journey to restoration is to become the leader God has anointed us to be.

And not just restoration to some political ambition or some culturally accepted role of what it means to be a Christian woman, but restoration to our pre-fall intimacy with God, when we used to walk in the garden side by side with Him in the cool of the evening. Before sin entered the world, we sat beside God and named the animals, harvested the fruits, and cultivated our relationship with our Creator.

Moving back towards that level of intimacy happens when we become Jesus-centered leaders.

I encourage each of us to push deeper and deeper into our journey as leaders, because on the other side of this hard work is a level of freedom and a level of connectedness with God that we cannot achieve on our own. Without God, sure you can achieve great heights in traditional leadership, but that’s not the same as being a Jesus-centered leader.

That success is hollow and pulls you away from your God-given calling to lead.

I hope that as you get to the end of this post you’re really sitting with this radical new concept that your call to leadership is an anointing.
It’s your anointing to be a child of God and you are anointed to be called a godly leader.

This is exactly who you were designed to be from the beginning. From the very beginning of time, you were created to serve and influence others while you sit at the feet of Jesus.

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