8 Encouraging Messages About Christian Leadership | Angela J Herrington

Christian Leadership can be quite different from being a leader in life without being guided by your faith.  While some use their internal compass to guide them, we have another compass to guide us: God’s word and the Holy Spirit.  Because we are lead by the Ultimate Leader, we often times find ourselves wrestling with Him, wanting to fulfill our own heart’s desires while God is calling us to something more. It is during those times when it’s helpful to remind ourselves that His ways are better, and if we follow Him in our business and our lives, it will usually lead to things far greater than what we could’ve ever imagined!

I compiled a list of my favorite blog posts about christian leadership below.  I hope they encourage you that you are on the right path, following Him every day!

1. Me, A Leader? | Mary Wilkinson

A great perspective about leadership and what it looks like no matter what type of personality you are born with.

2. Lead From Where You Are | Kristen Mudrack

A great article about leadership and how you are called to lead from any position in life!

3. Thank You For Leaders | Marcia Gunnett Woodard

This is a beautiful prayer acknowledging leaders of all shapes and sizes.  Not just the larger-than-life leaders but the quiet, servant-heart leaders too.

4. Here I am Lord, Send Me | Ellen Benefield

One writer’s perspective on leadership and pushing through even when we don’t feel qualified to be leaders, because “Jesus asks us to offer what we have, where we are. We don’t have to wait until our lives are perfect to answer that call.”

5. Leading By Following | Angela Herrington

I wrote this article a few years ago about Moses, his journey, and why I think the best way to be a leader is through humble submission.

6. Leading Through Times Of Uncertainty | Angela Herrington

My two cents on what it means to lead through tough times and how to best do that.

7. When Your Ministry Feels Overwhelming | Angela Herrington

In this post I list practical steps and food for thought when you are feeling overwhelmed by your ministry and leadership role.  A must read for everyone!

8. All Work Is Kingdom Work | Brittany Allen

This is a nice post about how all of the work we do is for His glory, not our own.

Did these posts encourage you in your walk as a christian leader? Please let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to join our group of like minded women, Christian Women Who Lead!

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