Build Your Platform Group Mastermind

You have a dream inside of you that can change lives, now you just need to get it in front of the right people. 

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The clients I work with come from a variety of backgrounds, but I’ve discovered one thing we all have in common. Everyone has a dream. Some dream of writing a bestseller, others want to become coaches, teachers, or leaders in their direct sales company. Each person feels their soul tugging them towards building something perfectly suited to their passion. Everyone has a dream, but not everyone is courageous enough to bring that dream to life.

Are you one of the few people ready to take action and breathe life into your dream? If so, keep reading!

As you chase your dream, don’t forget to start building the platform that will take it to the masses. If you’re just getting started, you’re in the PERFECT position to start building that platform, connecting with future clients, and doing some highly targeted research in your market. In short, together we will build a platform that brings in more clients and sells more of your products and services.

Your ideal clients are online RIGHT NOW and I can show you how to connect with them!

How do I know? Because I’ve been in your shoes! A little over a year ago I began building a powerful platform for my women’s ministry and consulting business. In the last twelve months I’ve built my Facebook page to over 35,000 highly targeted fans and now reach  nearly 200,000 each month in 50+ countries. But you’ve done your research and you know there’s more to social media than followers. You know the size of a page doesn’t matter if no one is paying attention. You’re absolutely right, and people on my page are talking! My page engagement regularly reaches 10-15,000 per week.

To help you build a page filled with your ideal clients, I’ve created the Build Your Platform Without Selling Your Soul Coaching Program.

Why name it that? Simple. There are tons of dishonorable ways to build your platform and we avoid those. You’ll never hear me telling you to buy likes, inflate your numbers, spam people with private messages, or tear down the leaders in your industry. That’s not how I work and I won’t ask you to do it either.


Here’s what you’ll learn in the Build Your Platform (BYP) Group  Mastermind :

 Here’s what you’ll learn in the Group Build Your Platform (BYP) Program:

  • How I built my Facebook page to 35,000+ engaged fans in 20 months.
  • How to get clear on your God-given purpose and delivery method.
  • Step-by-step guide to building a sales funnel that brings is motivated, paying customers.
  • How to stay connected with the God who gave you this calling.
  • How to identify your ideal client and where to find them.
  • Whether you need a blog, website, store or all of them.
  • How to build a powerful support network that will grow with your business.
  • Why self care is the missing link for most entrepreneurs.
  • The lowdown on the best Platforms, Apps, and Programs that you should be using.
  • How to become the go-to expert in your niche.
  • To blog or not to blog.
  • What to post and when to post it.
  • How to combine your strengths, spiritual gifting, and values into your personal super power.
  • The what, when, and how of Paid and Free Advertising.
  • When to farm out tasks that are not in your zone and grow your team.
  • How to hone in on and deliver the message you’re called to deliver!

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Your Group BYP Coaching Package Includes:

  • The FULL Build Your Platform Video Academy with 24 weeks of tutorials, coaching videos, and powerful action steps to build your biz.
  • A Printable Build Your Platform Coaching Workbook packed with powerful worksheets to hone in on your mission and action steps.
  • Weekly Homework and review of that work by me.
  • Personalized feedback , Q & A Sessions, and Live Reviews in the Private BYP group.
  • A powerful sisterhood that will hold you accountable, lift you up on the hard days, and cover your business in prayer.
  • BONUS-Full Access to the Online Business Academy member area and group trainings.
  • BONUS-90 minute Virtual Jump Start Session With Custom Assessment to pinpoint your strengths and areas to improve.
  • BONUS-Early access to VIP level training and my live coaching events(coming Spring 2017).

Ready to get started? Me too, but I should warn you. This program isn’t for everyone.

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 The BYP Group Coaching Program is for ladies who are serious about building a viable business within the next six months. If you’re not ready to commit at least 5 hours per week to building your business, this may not be the course for you (Check out my Online Business Academy–it may be a better fit). Each week I’ll give you powerful insights on building a faith-centered business, but it’s up to you to take action.

If you’re ready to stop wasting time taking a million courses, compromising your beliefs in your day job, and not living your God-given purpose–this is the program for you.


As your coach, I promise to bring my 20+ years of business, customer service, ministry and event planning experience to EVERY coaching session. I’m known for delivering powerful messages wrapped in humor, vulnerability, and Biblical truth and this program is no different!

Enrollment in the BYP program is EXTREMELY limited, so don’t waste any more time!

The Group Build Your Platform Program is a COMPLETE game changer and you can’t afford to miss it!
Your monthly investment of $600 will go further than you ever imagined it could. No need to take additional courses to attend seminars after you enroll. Everything you need to build a successful God-centered digital business will be outlined in this course.

We begin July 1st and there are only 10 seats.
Grab yours NOW!!! 

6 Monthly Payments of $600 (Autobilled)

 1 payment $3200 Save $400 

What My  Clients Are Saying!

Laura Starner

Laura Starner, Laura’s Journey of Hope

I want to assure you ladies that if you are on the fence about working with Angela, I can assure you that she is amazing! She is my coach and I am so blessed. She listens, guides, and simplifies processes. It is so valuable for me to have someone to bounce ideas off of and give me constructive feedback. Her ministry speaks to my very soul. I can’t say enough good things.

Angelia White

Angelia White, Hope for Women Magazine

I was at a crossroad when I met Angela. In just three months several systems were put in place and social media growth was amazing. Angela is very knowledgeable and sharp. A decision I’m completely pleased that I made! Angela is the!!!

DeShawn Wert

I’ve known Angela, personally for almost 10 years and have been able to witness her amazing expertise with social media first hand. For my business, she helped me to develop and market a group course I’d had in my head finally get out into the world. I’ve collaborated with her on FB ads for my church, which has directly impacted preschool enrollment in a dramatic way! Because of all my faith in her abilities, I asked her to connect to a volunteer organization to help with social media. In her role with that group, she designed, trained, and implemented a plan that, not only grew our presence online, but impacted our bottom line with the highest attendance to date! She is a true gift from God to entrepreneurs trying to get their messages out into the world. I’m thankful I’ve had her in my corner…she makes me look good!

DeShawn Wert , Your ADD Answers

Amanda Foust

Amanda Foust, Downs, Ups, & Teacups

Finding Angela was like finding a treasure I never knew existed but, once found, changed my life. I was looking for a coach to help kick out the pesky voice that held me back but also was looking for a consultant to help my business move forward. Angela offered me BOTH!

I wasn’t sure how the relationship was going to work, but her flow between coach and consultant is seamless. She knows when to put on each hat to serve me best. Within the first month of hiring Angela, my business grew and so did my confidence. I was given the exact resources, guidance, and support I needed.

I highly recommend Angela as someone who genuinely cares about you and your business but also has the expertise to get you where you want to be.

Webly Alfred

Webly Alfred,

As a single mom and Christian entrepreneur, a one-size fits all system never fit into my God-given potential, my lifestyle, and my personality. I interviewed several business coaches who promised me the world but unfortunately their approach conflicted a lot with my values and my priorities of having God first, my family then my business.

My first conversation with Angela, we connected and finally someone was listening to me instead of pitching me a promise.

Working with Angela has given me the clarity that has been missing. Instead of handing me a system, Angela works with me to establish my own system without compromising my values and my family. I made back my first month’s investment in our first month. The most important thing is that with Angela I am now running my own race with a daring boldness I didn’t know I had in me.

Get Loads of Personal Attention in this High Level Mastermind Group! 

Only 10 Seats-Grab Your NOW!

6 Monthly Payments of $600 (Autobilled)

 1 payment $3200 Save $400 

Meet Your Coach


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Angela J Herrington

Strategy Coach for the Christian Entrepreneur

Angela is a passionate coach who co-creates massive momentum with her clients. She loves moving women entrepreneurs from stuck to living their dream! As the founder of Broken Beautiful BOLD Ministries, Angela has spent hundreds of hours researching, studying, and developing her social media skills. After less than 18 months online she reaches over 200,000 news feeds each month and posts an average weekly Facebook engagement of 10,000+. 


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Register for BYP: 6 Monthly Payments


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Register for BYP: 6 Monthly Payments


Register for BYP: Single Payment