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Over the last 5 years I’ve built Broken Beautiful BOLD Ministries and from the ground up.

Combined, these projects reach over 200,000 women each month and more women are discovering us everyday! Both projects were heavenly callings and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t lean on my Christian entrepreneurial sisters to help me discern His will.

Now you can be a part of our support network absolutely free. 

I’ve created a free Facebook community where you can get the Jesus-centered support you need to grow your business or ministry. No dark magic, woo-woo stuff, or catty comments allowed. This isn’t a spammy group where everyone pitches their product and leaves! Instead, you’ll find real heart to heart conversations about what it takes to follow God everyday and be a successful entrepreneur!

Last year, I attended a women’s ministry event and was blown away by the number of Spirit-driven ladies who were building ministries and businesses centered on God.

I had NO IDEA there were so many women leading churches, parachurches, and businesses around the country! I left super inspired, but wondering how many other women felt like they were the only ones being called to lead. I decided to create a powerful community where we could come together between the big conferences and that wouldn’t cost us a penny! The BOLD Christian Women in Business and Ministry group is a safe place to share resources, meet new ministry and business partners, and get answers to the questions you thought no one else was asking! If you’re looking for an unmoderated group where you can spam everyone with product links, please don’t join. This is a professional group of spunky ladies who are changing the world through big and small businesses and ministries.[/text_block]

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Even if you don’t know exactly what God is calling you to do, this group is a GREAT place to get the answers you need.

There is power in our diversity, so don’t be afraid that your calling won’t fit. This group is designed for Christian women active in any leadership role in a church, parachurch, blog, music, fine arts, mission,  business or outreach ministry. We welcome newbies, women who have been leaders for decades, and every woman in between. The FREE BOLD Women In Ministry Facebook Group offers the best resources, training videos, and tips to help you develop the ministry God is calling you to build!

You’ll learn from a diverse cross-section of Christian business and ministry experts.

You’ll also be eligible for FREE group-only training, and receive special discounts for ministry events and coaching programs. Grab your seat now and start connecting with fellow visionaries impacting the world for Christ.

We are a diverse group of women united by the call to serve God in all we do! Join us now and let’s answer our call TOGETHER!


DSC_2055Angela J Herrington is a passionate coach who co-creates massive momentum with her clients. She loves moving women entrepreneurs from stuck to living their dream! Her ideal client is someone who is willing to embrace their creativity, explore life outside of the traditional box, and blaze their own trail! She helps coaches, authors, and business women break out of their warm market by leveraging the power of social media. She brings a powerful combination of  20+ years of business, marketing, customer service, event promotion, and administration to her coaching and consulting practice. Monthly she reaches 200,000 people in 40+ countries on her social media and blogging platforms.


Join My Vibrant Community Of Christian Women In Business & Ministry Supporting Each Other!

We value your privacy and would never spam you