The last several months have been exciting! Many women are asking questions and engaging in meaningful conversations as they consider what it means to be a beloved child of God. The Holy Spirit is moving in significant ways recently. People we love are experiencing signs of great spiritual strength and health. Shackles fall off as more women begin to know what it means to be a beloved child of God.

Spiritual freedom: what it means to be a beloved child of God.

Here in the United States, we have more freedom than the majority of other people in the world. We need to remove the cultural definition of freedom from the table. Many of us are Caucasian, working class, middle class, and upper class. It’s important to recognize that we are not as oppressed as many of our brothers and sisters around the world.

Satan does not want us to know our inheritance as a beloved child of God. Each of us are guaranteed a certain level of freedom. No matter what is going on in the world, there is a level of protection found in Jesus interceding for us. This keeps the devil at arm’s length.

That doesn’t mean satan won’t mess with our lives, though. At times, we may be attacked repeatedly and start to forget that even during serious spiritual warfare, we can stand up and fight back.

We have the ability to say, “You know what? I’m a child of Jesus. Do what you want, but you’re not going to mess with me.”

As bold sisters in Christ, we can pass this word on to the people we love. We can speak prayers of protection and affirmation and declare things in Christ’s name because we each are a child of His. Often, we might forget this in the middle of a challenge, but it is always true.

A while back, I sent out an email asking you to tell me your greatest struggle. Hundreds of you responded with various business and ministry concerns, but most of you expressed overwhelm in your day-to-day life. Although you are surrounded by people who love you, your people might not support you or see your calling in the same way that you see it. You find it difficult to focus on who God is calling you to be while fighting this from all sides.

It’s not always spiritual warfare. Sometimes it’s just life.

As we step into battle after battle, it is wise to remember that we have an extra set of armor as children of God. We have nothing to fear from growth. To put this another way, imagine how at the beginning of a video game, we start with a tiny little dagger. But then by the end of a couple of levels, after we’ve flexed some muscles and learned a couple new tricks, suddenly we’ve got a great big sword. This leveling up facilitates the ability to effectively fight the battle in front of us.

This is how faith is too. No matter what battle we face, we’ve got the bigger sword. We can spiritually take control of our own household and say, “Evil and darkness–you’re not welcome here.” Just because someone else is out of control doesn’t mean the entire family must be out of control.

God will sometimes use the sword in your name, but sometimes He will hand you the sword and say, “Here, use this in My name.”

When things go sideways and we give negativity a platform and mic, we need to ask ourselves as beloved children of God, who am I praying to? What am I praying for? What am I speaking over our lives and our children? Am I waiting for God to step in and help me when God has already given me the tools to help myself?

It is my prayer that as you step into these bigger battles in your life, you recognize that God is with you. You know what He has given you. You remember your inheritance as a beloved child of God. Your inheritance as a child of Jesus isn’t just that you get to heaven one day. It’s that while you’re here, you’re always walking in His shadow. No matter what evil or darkness you face today, you are still in His shadow. He is covering you.

While sitting under the shade of a tree, that tree is cooling and protecting you. It provides you some things you wouldn’t have if you were standing in the middle of a field in the full sun. As a daughter of God who is beloved, you have that same covering.

It may still get hot. The battle might be heavy. Rest at His feet and remember to invoke your rights as a child of God. Speak things and name things that perhaps no one else is seeing in the situation. As you walk through hard stuff, I hope that knowing this empowers you and renders overwhelm powerless.

The enemy tries to shut you down and overwhelm you as a leader.

If he can do this, he will prevent you from leading people, speaking love and encouragement into their lives, and bringing healing and grace to their lives. If the enemy shuts you down as a leader, those people may never see God, or they may see God through a distorted lens and believe untrue things about Him.

When you show up as a leader, fully walking in the shadow and covering of Jesus, leading with grace and compassion, showing that healing is God’s number one priority, people find out that they might not know God as well as they thought. They stop seeing God as a mean bully and find they are pursued by a loving God. They discover God has a purpose for them too.

All of us are leaders.

With this in mind, whether or not you have begun a ministry or business, you are a leader in your household and community. Everyone that you influence is someone who you can lead toward God or away from Him. God has already given you the power to fight it or walk away and heal from some of this heavy stuff you face.

There is strength in spending time around other people fighting the same battles from a place of faith and belief in their rights as a beloved child of God. The difficulties of life don’t need to shut down our conversations. You are free to ask questions like: “This is what I’m struggling with” or “This is how I feel. Am I the only one? Have any of you ever faced this? Is this normal?” or even “Hey, I’m struggling. Could you pray for me?” You don’t have to go into the depths of what’s going on.

You are not alone–God is with you.

It’s crucial to be active in supportive communities so that you don’t fall into the trap of believing that you’re isolated and alone in this fight. Encouraging women of faith can come alongside you and say, “This is what I see in you” or “This is what I see God doing through you–keep going!” or “You’re good enough. You’re strong enough. You’re loved.”

Have you felt moved to call out the lies and watch the truth shine in the light? Join the discussion going on at Wild Sacred Holy. There’s a rumbling in the kingdom around women as leaders. It is time for women to recognize their value as leaders. It is also time to recognize your value to God and your power over the enemy as a child of Christ. Call out to God in prayer. Declare the truth over lies as you face the battles ahead of you. You are strong enough, daughter of God. Through Christ, you can do all that you are called to do.