Last week a super talented blogger friend of mine shared how overwhelming the business of blogging has become for her lately.

She’s experiencing quite a bit of success and has her work published on multiple popular websites! Good things are happening, but each post she created took 3-4 hours leaving little time for the other activities in her business. She and I spent an hour diving into the blogging process and identifying ways to streamline it. I shared with her several powerful strategies I use to create 10+ posts in just a few hours per month.

She wisely suggested I share them with all of you so I whipped up this quick post outlining four steps to streamline blog post creation!

Your biggest time saver is going to come from grouping like tasks and keeping your brain in the same groove. Have you ever seen an assembly line? Manufacturers use an assembly line to streamline the creation of their product. Each worker performs one step of the process and doesn’t get involved in the other steps. This allows each person to develop a rhythm and keep their brain in the groove of their assigned task. Developing a similar system for your blog keeps you from exerting as much energy transitioning between each blogging step.

Here are four steps to maximize your blogging results!  

Step #1-Organize your ideas!

The biggest favor you can do yourself as a blogger is to create a system that allows you to quickly capture your ideas and store them until you’re ready to write. There are TONS of free and low cost tools available for this. I love Trello because it’s so easy to collaborate with my team and move ideas around as they develop.  Use what works for you! Evernote, voice recording, or good old sticky notes! The key is to have one place to collect your ideas so that you’re not burning extra brain power trying to hold them between your ears! Schedule regular time once per week for brainstorming and add as many ideas as possible without judging their quality or developing them into full blown posts.

Step #2-Draft, Draft, Draft!

Now that you have a reservoir of ideas you can pick the one that’s calling out to you and create a draft. Set a timer for 15 minutes and sketch out a quick outline of your big idea and main points. Stop when the timer goes off. If you aren’t able to keep it to 3 or 4 main points, the idea may be too big or you’re putting too much pressure on yourself to flesh out your outline. Set your timer again for 20 minutes and quickly write a couple of sentences about each main point. Again, this is a draft stage. No need to pressure yourself to make this perfect. Get your ideas down and we will polish them up later! Your intro paragraph is the very last thing you should write, because that’s when you know exactly where you want your readers to end up! Repeat this draft stage with multiple ideas. Keep your brain in the draft writing groove and don’t get distracted by editing or research.

Step #3 Polish until it shines!

You’ve done a ton of prep work and now it’s time to polish up your drafts. The key here is to go over them a couple of times and cleaning them up without spending hours reworking the same post. Fix your grammar errors, make sure it flows easily from the intro to your main points and add any special formatting or images. Set the timer on this one too. 15 minutes per post tops. If you struggle to polish up your posts before your timer goes off, don’t beat yourself up! Editing is a skill that can be learned with time but over editing can kill your productivity. Learn to trust your instincts when you write and your posts will require less editing!

Step #4 Post and Promote!

Congrats! You’ve received the final step! Now you have a whole stack of highly polished posts ready to be scheduled on your blog, email, and social media platforms. Open up each of those platforms and schedule away!

You’ve just created your own blog assembly line! 

Attractive young woman stretching out hands and looking excited while sitting at her working place and looking at laptop

All that’s left is to rinse and repeat!

Each week, schedule time for these four steps to streamlining blog post creation and you’ll never have a shortage of high quality posts lined up for your blog!

You’ve got this! You can totally implement these four steps to streamline blog post creation -If you want more tips to rock your biz, join my free Facebook coaching group for Christian Women in Business and Ministry!

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Angela J Herrington is a passionate coach who co-creates massive momentum with her clients. She loves moving women entrepreneurs from stuck to living their dream! Her ideal client is someone who is willing to embrace their creativity, explore life outside of the traditional box, and blaze their own trail! She helps coaches, authors, and business women break out of their warm market by leveraging the power of social media. She brings a powerful combination of  20+ years of business, marketing, customer service, event promotion, and administration to her coaching and consulting practice. Monthly she reaches 200,000 people in 40+ countries on her social media and blogging platforms.