What kind of business tasks should I outsource, and how do I know when I should start doing this?

I get this question a lot from my clients, and perhaps you’ve been there too. Your business is picking up momentum and you’re starting to turn a profit, but you’re swamped. And exhausted.

The truth is hiring, training, and organizing your team takes a lot of energy so it has to be the right move in the long term to move your business forward.

Usually this is best done when you’re profitable enough that the extra help will still allow you to make a living despite the added expense. I suggest you start by looking at everything you’re doing on a daily basis and see if it is moving your business forward and/or contributing to your bottom line. If an activity isn’t, then stop doing it! You may be shocked how many things you’re doing that aren’t actually helping your biz grow! 

For those tasks that you absolutely can’t get rid of but aren’t directly contributing to growing your business, here are a few suggestions on how to outsource them affordably:

1. Find An Intern

I love working with interns. It’s a great way to get some help inexpensively, and there is no shortage of college students or people wanting to learn your type of business. Just keep in mind that you will still have to invest the time to train this person, and they probably won’t stick around forever.

2. Hire A Contractor

Contractors are great for one off tasks that need to get done, but aren’t crucial to your business. Places like Fiverr or Upwork have many freelancers to choose from! Make sure to check ratings, examples, terms, and turnaround time before deciding to hire someone.

3. Hire a Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking for a longer term solution I’d suggest hiring a virtual assistant (VA for short). VAs provide a plethora of services for an hourly rate. They can do anything from web design, to writing social media content, to managing your personal and business calendar! Start with a few tasks, and if all goes well you can gradually give them more responsibilities. The best place to find a good VA is to ask around! Check in with other business owners, entrepreneur-minded facebook groups, and any coaches you may have hired for a good recommendation.

I hope these suggestions were helpful to you! What about you? What tasks do you outsource and when did you start outsourcing? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to join our community of like-minded world changers, Christian Women Who Lead.

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